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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can jewelry be worn?
    All sterling silver jewelry is safe to wear daily. We recommend that it is never in direct contact with chlorine or anything containing chlorine, for it will tarnish the jewelry turning it black. In the event jewelry is in contact with chlorine, it should be cleaned immediately with a quality sterling silver cleaner by dipping it into the cleaner for a minimum of 30 sec and then rinsed with cool water and wiped dry with a microfiber cloth. Stainless steel is hardly ever in need of cleaning, with the exception of natural body oils. in the event that your stainless piece starts to become dull in appearance, simply use antibacterial soap and gently wash with a soft toothbrush Cleaning instructions for AAA cubic zirconia. simply use a very soft toothbrush and antibacterial soap and in a circular motion scrub the stones under cold water. The stones should shine like new. 14k gold filled jewelry DOES have the potential to turn if worn regularly. to keep gold filled jewelry from turning it is best that it is wiped free from bodily oils daily and completely dried in the event it comes in contact with water. do not sweat or wash in gold filled jewelry. the average life span for gold filled jewelry if worn daily is 6-12 months. if it is not worn daily by following the above instructions your jewelry will last you forever. 14k Vermeil also has the potential to turn if worn daily. Follow the same directions for vermeil as gold filled jewelry.
  • What is your jewelry made of? Is it nickel and lead-free? I am allergic to many metals, can I wear your jewelry?"
    Yes, you can wear my jewelry if you are allergic. I have a variety of pieces that are sterling silver, stainless steel, gold filled as well as 14k vermeil. If there are any questions regarding the material of jewelry please feel free to contact us or leave us a message in the comments section of the website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. All our jewelry is nickel and lead-free as well. you can also feel free to refer to the descriptions of the jewelry when searching for desired pieces.
  • What is the difference between 14k vermeil, 14k stainless steel and 14 gold filled."
    It is not much difference between the 3 gold makeups. except 14k gold filled does have the potential of turning but it does last a very long time. The longevity of 14k gold filled jewelry is more surprising than not. 14k plated stain steel has a brighter gold color that the other two(gold filled and vermeil). 14K vermeil is gold plated sterling silver. this gold make up is wonderful for anyone who wants to wear gold yet has a major allergic reaction to the metals. this metal should prove to be beneficial for you
  • What is your shipping policy and time frame?
    Free Shipping on US orders over $50. Once an order has been placed it approximately takes, 1-2 business days to process an order. The processing time is subject to change if there are any complications with the order. Regular orders take 5-6 Days to Arrive. Unless item is sold out LH will contact you about your order this may take longer longer. Custom Orders take 3-4 Weeks to Arrive. USPS First Class Mail - $4.95 USPS International Shipping - $40. Taxes do not apply towards free shipping promotion. Please allow an additional five to eleven business days for processing of international orders. Shipping times may vary due to high demand. NO OVERNIGHT ORDERS WILL BE OFFERED.
  • What is your return policy?
    Because we pride ourselves in quality and we triple check all our pieces before they are sent out to the customer there are No Refunds or Exchanges on any jewelry. Since we will take a large amount of care in packaging and quality control there should not be any issues in receiving damaged items. The same is true with jewelry containing cubic zirconia stones. Each piece of jewelry will be counted and stones will be checked to ensure they are tight and in place before shipping. We at Lady Holiday Jewelry do no assume any responsibilty for missing stones in jewelry once it has left our warehouse. We do offer care and maintenance packages for all jewelry over the price of $25. Further information regarding care and maintenance is available, please refer to jewelry care and maintenance section of website. By purchasing from, you accept and agree these terms and service.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International or JCB logo. Depending on what payment options PayPal offers in your country, you may be able to pay by regional payment methods when paying via PayPal. Regional payment methods may not be available in all countries. The PayPal website will list the payment methods available in your country on the payment page.
  • Do you offer maintanence and/or repair services?
    You may assume that newly purchased jewelry will retain its shine and beauty for years to come. However, as time passes, your jewelry could lose its luster and become worn if not cared for properly. To maintain the quality and brilliance of your jewelry, we offer Jewelry Maintenance. See "How long can jewelry be worn?" for more care instructions.
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