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A Love Letter

"We as women do not celebrate
ourselves enough!"


My Name is Nidra S Nunez, I am a single mother of one child, the owner, operator of Lady Holiday Jewelry and The Emporium by Lady Holiday based in Philadelphia.

Lady Holiday Jewelry is a small business that has its roots in field sales and home demonstrations. I later graduated to marketplaces, and trade shows, now I run a small storefront located in Manayunk.


Additionally, as a single parent of an only child, who needed a lot of care and attention,  I had to create a fast and effective way to financially support my son, allowing me the freedom to drop everything if he needed me. At first, selling jewelry was a quick way to make ends meet. It has always been a major pleasure to find unique, pieces of jewelry that speak to people, so I made a business of it. Little did I know the impact selling jewelry would have on me! Thus the hustle began. Furthermore, Lady Holiday became a full-time business when I quit my job in corporate to fully support my son in school.


The breakthrough happened during my first year selling jewelry full-time. while selling jewelry in a hair salon, I met a woman who had recently given birth to her third child. Because she now cared for 3 children, a home, and her husband, she stopped caring for her outer appearance.  As a birthday gift, her husband surprised her with a pamper day. He understood how committed she was as a wife and mother, he wanted to celebrate her. In conversation with her, I found out that in 10 years she had not had her hair, nails, or feet done. During her time getting her hair done she bought a pair of earrings from me. Finally, the reveal came. When she saw herself for the first time with her hair, make-up, and earrings on;

she cried.


The look of happiness and joy on her face was priceless.  At that moment I realized that we as women do not celebrate ourselves enough. it made me feel so good to see the impact this experience had on this lady! This is when Lady Holiday was created. At that moment it hit me. A woman will run a household, and a family, some women, run businesses, and others are so dedicated to their children's extra-curricular activities and completely forget about themselves. Considering all of this I chose a rose for my logo as a reminder, that regardless of what we may go through, or are faced with- as women-we will always be beautiful. Women face so much difficulty in life. They go through adverse childhood experiences. Women are told what they should look like and how to be including how society should view them. As a result, creating a lack of love for themselves,  giving so much of YOU to the world in the end, feeling abused & unappreciated. This rose is to remind us that we are delicate and beautiful. NO. MATTER. WHAT!

A rose bush can withstand the elements of winter to summer & back again. They continue to grow. Roses are used for a number of occasions celebrating life's accomplishments. A rose’s dead petals are used to add beauty to something or in potpourri for aromatherapy. A rose will never lose its value regardless of what happens to it. A rose bush will grow in any circumstance from a dilapidated environment to the finest environment. The same is true with a woman, she may come from any environment but she can withstand any of life's elements and still thrive. We have something to celebrate daily, thus the name “Lady Holiday”. So live every day like it’s a “Holiday” for you deserve it! Love yourself first and life will happen for you!


With deep love and admiration, 

Lady Holiday

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