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Jewelry Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

At Lady Holiday Jewelry we understand that things happen when we are wearing our favorite pieces of jewelry. The worst is when a dynamically pieced together layered necklace set decides to tangle up so badly that it looks like a ball. Or better yet when your favorite pair of hoop earrings, the stem disconnects from the earring. How about that pesky little jump ring that decided to open up from wear and tear of your favorite necklace resulting in a popped necklace? Well we dont want you to trash it (as many of us do).

I am here to help you maintain your jewelry. Yup I said it, you can keep your jewelry!  For a very low price of 3.00 per item we can untangle your jewelry and make them like new! At 5.00 each we can repair any popped lossened or broken clasp, jump ring, or chain. If it cannot be fixed we will tell you on the spot. Just email a picture of the broken item to and within 2 hours you will receive a response as to whether it can be repaired.

Once you recieve the ok, just fill out our order form detailing the amount of pieces and items to be repaired. Be sure to take pictures of your jewelry for you records. There will be a 50% deposit required for all jewelry and once all items are accounted for and repaired we will send them back to you at no cost to you (US only).


Maintenance Processing Instructions


1. Send us a message and picture of items to be repaired


2. Include the following information in the message box: 



Full Shipping Address

Desired Repairs

Quantity of Repairs


You will receive an email with an invoice for items repaired. Please send a 50% deposit for items and the balance will be automatically charged to card once items ship and tracking is available. Customer is responsible for sending broken jewelry to Lady Holiday. We are responsible for return shipping to customer. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have. 


Be sure to take pictures of all items sent for your reassurance. We are not responsible for items lost in the mail. If something cannot be fixed it will be sent back with repaired items and the charge for that item will be deducted from the total. Of an item requires more than what was requested for repair that item will be charged accordingly, but not until the customer is notified with the new charges.  

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